Sage & Grace exists to help people navigate funeral planning.  Our vision is to help every person in America with funeral planning needs create the best possible funeral plans within their budget.

We are currently just serving the Houston, Texas area but much of the information shared on the site is applicable to all people planning funerals, especially those based in the United States. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

This site was created in response to how many people feel unprepared when they need to plan a funeral on a limited budget and on short notice. It can be a confusing, stressful, expensive process, especially when you’re already grieving. Sage & Grace is here to provide clarity and new ideas while directing you to the best funeral vendors to meet your needs.

How do we make money? We don’t. This is an experiment that is designed to be unprofitable for now. We may explore potential partnerships in the future to make Sage & Grace financially sustainable, but we will always provide transparent, trustworthy information for free to all families.

Our Goals

  • To give every individual visiting the site the ability to create a customized plan for their funeral needs
  • To provide every individual with the right information to select the best funeral home for their needs
  • To organize content in a way that is intuitive, informative, and relevant to grieving individuals

Our Values

  • Transparent data delivered in a non-judgmental fashion
  • Excellence in design and technology
  • Elevation of death positive culture and greener funeral practices

Our Motivation